Aerobie Aeropress - Free Delivery
Aerobie Aeropress - Free Delivery Aerobie Aeropress - Free Delivery
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AeroPress coffee maker

The AeroPress is an easy to use, portable coffee making device. It is so simple to use and the results are excellent. It's a paper filter based method (although metal discs are available) which means the resulting brew is very clean and clear without the heavy mouthfeel and sediment often found with a cafetiere.

It's very simple to use and the grind size isn't particularly important. If you use a course grind you will need to infuse for longer, a finer grind will require a shorter infusion time. Experimentation is key and there are many methods to be found online. 

We keep it simple and do the following:

  • 15g of coffee to 250ml of water
  • 1 minute infusion time using water at about 90 degrees and stir just once.
  • Use a medium grind for the coffee

Now simply adjust the grind to get the correct brew strength and keep the other variable constant. 

Customer Reviews

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Aerobie Aeropress - Free Delivery


Great filter coffee and customer service. Will be back!

Quick way to make excellent coffee

Bought as a present. Now used and proved to be easy to use. Great way to make decent coffee quickly. Thanks Horsham Coffee Roaster for the recommendation.

Simple but superb

Often simple things work the best. Aeropress has only one moving part, no power required and so simple to use. Just add coffee and hot water for coffee as good as that from expensive commercial machines

Early Days

I like the system, quick and convenient. Use as much coffee as needed, rather than make a whole filter-jugful. I am just getting to grips with the amount of coffee needed and the brewing delay before pouring. Equipment easy to clean and takes little room in the kitchen cupboards. Horsham Coffee Roaster service all good too.