Roasting speciality coffee


At Horsham Coffee Roaster we believe that coffee roasting is not a dark art. It doesn't require membership to a secret society or decades of slaving away behind an old restored 1960's roaster. It's actually a very scientific process and we aim to bring together science with the sensory skills needed to roast coffee to show off the intended flavours. 

We roast all our coffee on our Joper 3kg and 25kg machines. Our roasting style is light yet well developed. Under-roasted/underdeveloped coffee is not an enjoyable experience. It doesn't taste great, damages grinder burrs and is very tough for baristas to properly extract. We use advanced roast profile software on both of our roasters to track and monitor our roasts for consistency and this is integrated with Cropster, another very useful roasting tool.

Joper 25kg coffee roaster

Our head roaster, Steve, operating our Joper 25kg fitted with Joper roast profile software and Cropster


To assess roasted coffee development we use a VST refractometer to measure extractions and solubility and to asses roast colour we use a Lighttells CM-100 colour meter. We cup and evaluate all our coffees on a regular basis always ensuring we work hard to get the best flavours out of the coffee. 

There are many excellent resources on coffee roasting available on the internet. If you'd like to read a bit more we'd suggest the following really great articles:

A bit here from Cropster and the excellent book by Scott Rao.

A great blog post from Heart Roasters about solubility and their withdrawal of the espresso roast.

We don't roast for filter and for espresso. Rather we test roast new coffees and cup them to select the profile that we believe works best for that particular coffee. At times this can be challenging but we work very hard to find the ideal roast development that will allow our coffees to shine through any brew method. In addition to cupping we regularly test our coffees using various filter and immersion brew methods as well as espresso. 

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