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Meet the team 2

Horsham Coffee Roaster is run by a team of people obsessed and dedicated to coffee. Learn a bit more about us below:



Bradley is the co-founder of Horsham Coffee Roaster. His main role is to over-see the day-to-day operations and the longer term plans for the roastery. As a licensed Q-grader Bradley plays a big part in the sourcing and selecting of our coffees at origin. As a keen photographer and Olympus camera user you will see many of his photos on our social media channels. 


Amelia is the co-founder of Horsham Coffee Roaster. Her main role is to oversee and maintain the financial side of the business whilst regularly liaising with customers. She makes sure everyone gets paid on time and is actively involved in supporting the Rwanda producers that we work with.

Head roaster
Head Roaster 
As a head roaster, Stevie roasts the bulk of the weeks coffee and works closely with Dudley as part of quality control to constantly improve our roast profiles. Stevie also plays a large role in the sourcing of our coffees at origin.  
Dudley quality control
Quality Control & Training  

Dudley takes charge of the quality control process, working closely with Stevie to ensure the maximum potential of each coffee and as head trainer he runs training sessions for wholesale clients and paying customers. Occasionally he will roast our production blends, and is also a full time wholesale account manager. 
Jack dispatch manager

Dispatch Manager 

Jack oversees the logistics at the roastery. He is in charge of ensuring all of our coffee is roasted in the correct amounts, fulfilling all orders for wholesale customers and web customers and dispatching everything on time.  


Stephen roastery barista and photographer


Dispatch and Social Media 

Stephen takes on a variety of roles at the roastery including dispatch and the running of the cafe area. He's a keen photographer and Fuji camera user. You will see many of his photographs on our social media channels. Soon to be opening his own cafe in south London. 



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2453 reviews
Delicious taster pack

We ordered the taster pack to try a few batches before we pick something larger next time… no idea how we are going to chose as they are all delicious. I love the packaging and branding too, will definitely buy from these guys again.

We’re not easily pleased - honest!

This is our new favourite. We were disappointed that our usual Kenyan coffee was not available, but true to form Horsham never disappoints. This has a slightly fuller depth and richness to the flavour and makes a perfect cup every time. We’re on our 2nd kilo now!

Makes my mornings that much better

I upgraded from a cheap blade grinder to this and the difference is night and day. Consistency is key when it comes to good coffee and until I got this I was making a completely different cup each morning. Now I really feel like I have control over my grind size and my coffee quality has improved massively.

Easy to use, easy to clean, well priced compared to others on the market, what's not to love?

Best so far

This is absolutely delicious , best coffee so far

Class grinder

I recently was looking for an electric grinder that would not be over expensive but better than the cheaper end models so after lots of reviews I managed to settle on the wilfa . I also watched a James Hoffmann YouTube video of this grinder and liked what he had to say . Now I’ve been using it a few weeks it’s superb and quite quiet and very quick at grinding 14g of beans in no time at all . Overall I expect it to last a long time as it’s well built and easy to clean