Grinding coffee beans just before brewing is always the best way to get the most flavour from the coffee. However, not just any coffee grinder will do! You need to make sure you select a good quality burr coffee grinder. Blade grinders and really cheap burr coffee grinders are generally a much worse option than purchasing pre-ground coffee! This is because coffee needs to be ground with a very even particle size to ensure an even extraction. If the particle sizes are very varied the large particles will be under-extracted and the small particles will be over extracted resulting in a poor cup of coffee.

If you'd like to upgrade from pre-ground coffee to a grinder then here are the options we recommend. You can buy these via our collection of grinders:

Comandante C40 grinder

Comandante C40 Hand Grinder:  

The C40 is one of the most expensive hand grinders available but there is a good reason for this! It offers outstanding grind quality with very even particle size. We recently tested this grinder against our Mahlkonig EK43. We ground the same amount of coffee on each grinder and made a Hario V60 pour over. It was almost impossible to tell the difference. This grinder is the closest you can get to an EK43 at a fraction of the price. The build quality is excellent and they look fantastic! If you don't mind hand grinding your coffee and grind quality is essential then we'd highly recommend this grinder!

Wilfa svart grinder

Wilfa Svart Grinder:

This is without a doubt our most popular grinder. It's one of the most affordable, good quality burr grinders. There are products available for less but this one has been designed to offer excellent grind quality at a reasonable price. The grind setting has useful markers for Aeropress, Filter and Cafetiere making it easy to find the correct setting for your chosen brew method. It's an electronic grinder so it grinds much faster than a hand grinder saving lots of time and making it much easier to make coffee for more than one person at a time. We sell these for just £99 which includes free delivery and a free bag of coffee.

Rhinowares hand grinder

Rhinowares Hand Grinder:

If you don't grind coffee too often and mainly make coffee for yourself then an affordable, good quality burr hand grinder is the best option. The Rhinowares grinder has an all metal casing and is very well built. Perfect as a travel grinder as it's super compact. The grind quality is very good but the downside with hand grinders is that it takes some physical work. This isn't too bad if you are grinding just for yourself but if you are making more than one cup at a time it does become a bit tedious! Priced at just under £37 with free delivery this is our most affordable option. 

We hope this short guide has helped you to choose a suitable grinder. We only sell a limited range of coffee grinders that we've trialled and tested and are happy to recommend without reservation. If you need help or advice please feel free to contact as at