Aeropress brew guide

The Aeropress is a really versatile brew method that allows the user a great amount of control. There are literally thousands of aeropress receipes and methods online so please use this as a rough guide. Always use freshly filtered water.
Step 1: We prefer the inverted method. Start with the aeropress upside down on a set of scales.
Step 2: Use coffee at a ratio of 14g to 220ml. 
Step 3: Use a medium grind coffee and tip this into the aeropress.
Step 4: Pour 220ml of water into the Aeropress and start timing. Use freshly filtered water 30 seconds off the boil. 1ml of water weighs 1 gram.
Step 5: Using the included stirrer, stir the coffee once gently to avoid it spilling out. 
Step 6: While timing place a paper filter into the holder and rinse with water.
Step 7: Lock into place on top of the aeropress.
Step 8: At 1:30 tip it over and place on top of your cup. Make sure it's all held in place before tipping to avoid a massive spill!
Step 9: Press down on the aeropress with a medium amount of pressure untill you hear a slight hiss of air. This means all the liquid has been pushed through. 
Step 10: Allow the drink to cool for a few minutes and evaluate the taste. If it's a little week and lacking in body try extracting for longer, for example, 2 minutes. If it tastes too strong, rich and heavy try reducing the extraction time.
It's essential with the aeropress to experiment until you arrive at a recipe that works well for you. Remember to change only one variable at a time otherwise it quickly becomes very confusing. Every coffee is slightly different and some are more soluble than others. This means that you might need to modify your recipe for different coffees.