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Organic Decaf

Organic Decaf

Origin: Honduras

Tasting Notes: Rich Chocolate | Nuts | Gentle Fruits

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Roasted In Sussex

Our roastery is in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and all our coffee is roasted on our Loring Roaster.

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Brew Recipe

This coffee works well for all brew methods. 

Filter: Dose 15g-16g, water 250g. 
Espresso: Dose 18 gram to 40-42 gram yield over about 30 seconds. 

Visit our brew guides for more tips and suggestions.

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  • About Organic Decaf | Honduras

    Finding great tasting organic decaf coffee can be challenging. Quite often these are produced using poor quality coffee that isn't traceable to farm or co-operative. We've managed to find a great tasting Mountain Water process organic coffee from a group of producers in Honduras.

    This coffee is grown and harvested by a collective group of farmers. Rather than processing their own coffee, they deliver cherry to a local mill. The mill will sort and process this as a washed coffee. The outer layer of fruit is removed before washing and drying on concrete patios.

    All producers are organic certified.

    Coffee is then sent for decaffeination using the Mountain Water chemical-free decaffeination process that retains as much flavour as possible.

  • Coffee Info

    Tasting Notes: Rich Chocolate | Nuts | Gentle Fruits
    Processing Method: Washed & Mountain Water
    Varietal: Various
    Importer: DR Wakefield

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Coffee Origin

Honduras 🇭🇳

Honduras has transformed its coffee industry. Historically known for lower-quality coffee blends, recent advancements in processing and cooperative organisation have elevated its specialty coffee status. Learn more about Honduran coffee.

Learn more about Honduras

Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
The very best decaf

This is the best decaf coffee I’ve ever had. Full flavour, rich and intense. I’ve been looking for a decaf bean for a while and never managed to find a coffee that comes close to regular coffee for flavour. This one is superb and was introduced to me by the amazingly knowledgable Ben at Horsham Coffee Roasters. Great job!


Best decaf I’ve ever had. Notes of milk chocolate and hazelnut.


Lovely Decaffeinated coffee beans my new go to. Really nice with barista style oat milk.

Best decaf

I am really happy with this delicious decaf from Horsham. Bonus its one of the only organic whole beans i can get!

Surprisingly good

After watching a James Hoffman video on dacaf, and seeing this coffee recomended by one of the commenters I decided to buy some. Its a grat decaf, good flavour makes a lovely cup. As suggested by James, i'm keeping it frozen and grinding for my v60 on demand.