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Hand Coffee Grinders

Hand Coffee Grinders are excellent for your home to save money in the long run and grind your coffee beans without needing a full commercial machine. They are also excellent to take out the house with you. Our range includes two different brands, Comandante and Hario and their various types.

Buying our coffee beans, which you then grind with one of our grinders, is the best way to get the full flavour from the coffee and it’s unique individual notes. It is also better to buy coffee beans to grind yourself in one of our hand grinders as it is better for the environment due to our coffee bags being recyclable. Plus it is also cheaper for you in the long run as opposed to buying ready ground or instant coffee.

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Hand coffee grinders are extremely easy to use too! With our excellent best selling hand grinder, the Comandante C40, which rivals some of the best electric grinders on the market, you can grind your great coffee beans with great ease. And with a special offer of a free 250g bag of coffee beans and free delivery when you purchase one, who is to say no?

Horsham Coffee Roaster Hand Grinders

Enjoy your morning coffee to the fullest with a hand coffee grinder, get the full flavour of your chosen coffee beans and delight in the art of making coffee.

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