Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

Decaffeinated Coffee Beans - if you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake you no longer need to drink poor quality, mediocre coffee! We always aim to offer a traceable, single origin, chemical free, decaffeinated coffee beans. 

Our Decaffeinated Coffee Beans are sourced from Colombia and has been decaffeinated using the sugarcane process, giving you the thrill of coffee without the caffeine! 


Decaf Coffee Beans

We know that some people may still want to have the rich taste of coffee, but without the caffeine. If this sounds like you, then our decaffeinated coffee bean may just be the coffee you have been looking for.  Much like with our caffeinated coffee beans, we source our decaffeinated coffee beans from small hold farmers that take care and effort to produce the coffee beans that we sell. This is something that we are product to be a part of.

What is Decaf?

Decaffeination is the removal of caffeine from the source, which is usually found in coffee beans. When caffeine is consumed it can usually have side effects of tiredness and make you more alert. There are many myths about decaf surrounding taste, health benefits and more - however these are myths for a reason. Therefore our caffeine free, decaf coffee beans can provide people with many different benefits.

How is Decaf Coffee Made?

Decaf coffee has come a long way, and today - more natural methods are practised to preserve the flavour of the coffee beans and bring the end product to you.

Why choose Decaffeinated Coffee Beans?

With new and innovative farming methods, decaf coffee holds the flavour of the bean and gives you a lovely, rich coffee to enjoy! So, what are some of the benefits?

Decaffeinated Coffee Beans provide a great coffee that can be enjoyed all day, whilst still having the benefit of the rich taste but without over-caffeination. So, if you are partial to a cup of coffee before bed but then find yourself unable to sleep an hour later - decaf is a great choice.

Taste, uninterrupted sleep and flavour are just some of the benefits of decaffeinated coffee beans. At Horsham Coffee Roasters, we support organic and sustainable farming methods where we can. You can be assured that in drinking the coffee from us you are helping a farm continue to thrive and farm coffee beans.

Decaffeinated Coffee Beans from Horsham Coffee Roasters

At Horsham Coffee Roasters, we think it is important to provide the coffee beans that our customers love. Our range spans from Relationship Coffee, Subscription Coffees to Decaf Coffee Beans. If you would like more information on our coffee beans, please contact us.