Panama - Kotowa farms natural Geisha

Panama - Kotowa farms natural Geisha

Available as 150g Whole Bean 

Varietal –  Geisha
Preparation – Natural
Location – Boquete, Panama
Altitude – 1700 masl
Importer - Mercanta

The Geisha varietal grown in Panama has become incredible sought after over the last 10 years. Panama produces some incredible coffees but generally at a fairly low volume output with total production at less than 0.5% of the global coffee market. Rather than focusing on volume coffee producers in Panama have concentrated on varietal separation combined with advance and very focused processing methods. We are incredibly excited to have been able to find a pair of outstanding Geish varietal coffees from the Kotowa farms in the famous Boquete region.

Farm Overview:

The Kotowa farms (which include Finca Don K – where this particular Geisha coffee was grown) were named by Alexander Duncan MacIntyre, a Canadian who settled in the Boquete region in 1918. Inspired by the high, cool climate of the area, he used the name ‘Kotawa,’ meaning "mountain" in the local Ngobe language to designate the land that currently composes the Kotowa estate.

While in Canada, Alexander had read a newspaper article about a mountainous region called Boquete, an unexplored region in Panama located on the slopes of a mysterious volcano. The stories captured his imagination and led him to visit the region, where he fell in love with the magic of the valley and its people. Four generations on, and Alexander's family are still cultivating and processing coffee in the same traditional way. On the volcanic slopes of the farm, you can see the distant Pacific Ocean on one side and the near-by rugged mountains of the continental divide on the other. This area is naturally blessed with a climate where the perfect combination of rain, wind, sunshine, clouds and temperature.

Finca Don K is located at 1700 meters above sea level and is right in the middle of Panama - only 40 km from both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. As well as benefiting from the rains from both oceans, the land receives a cool dry breeze from the Atlantic and the moisture from the Pacific. Furthermore, Finca Don K. is situated on the rich, nutritious slopes of the Baru Volcano. Temperatures range from 12°C at night to 25°C during the day. This variation in temperature triggers the formation of sugars in the coffee cherry, and the volcanic minerals make for the development of full and complex fruit flavours.

Coffee trees growing under shade at the Kotowa farm:

Panama Coffee Farm

The farm endeavours to protect the forests surrounding the plantation, ensuring that there are no fires in the dry season and that there is no hunting or degradation of the environment. The area is the natural habitat of many birds, both local and migratory. To ensure that this rich biological diversity continues to thrive, Kotowa has planted more than 500 indigenous trees that produce fruits and nuts on which the birds feed. Because of its geographic location and small size, Panama has more bird species than all of North America and Europe together. For the people that work on the farm, there is the provision of free medical attention and, for the children of workers, a nursery providing both meals and a school program. These social programs have earned Kotowa Farm recognition from UNICEF nine years in a row.

Harvesting and Processing:

The coffee cherry is hand-harvested with careful focus on selecting on perfectly ripe cherry. This is then delivered to the mill location where the coffee is laid out to dry on raised tables and turned regularly to ensure even drying. The total drying stage takes about 14 days. Once complete the coffee is rested in climate-controlled silos at a cool temperature of 15 degrees C and a humidity of 65%. At the farm, extensive testing has been done and they have found that this stable resting stage helps to develop complex and balanced flavours.

Geisha natural drying on raised tables:

Panama Geisha Natural

This is a stunning high cup score coffee (think 88 -90 points!) with wonderfully complex clean flavours. We get notes of juicy tropical fruits that include melon, mango and incredible sweetness. 


Due to the delicate nature of this coffee we recommend brewing for filter or immersion eg. hario, v60 chemex, aeropress. Example: Dose 15g, water 250g. This coffee will still make a wonderful espresso but will require a high standard of equipment and some careful experimentation. We recommend a lower pump pressure (6-7 bar) and a dose of 17 gram to 40 gram yield over about 30 seconds. 

This coffee is available as whole-bean only. We sell a range of grinders if you would like to grind this coffee fresh at home. 

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