Horsham Coffee Roaster currently offers two Coffee Blends:

Nova Espresso: A medium roast espresso coffee blend perfect both with and without milk. This is an easy to work with coffee and we've developed this coffee blend for coffee shops and home espresso enthusiasts. You can expect notes of chocolate, nuts with good sweetness and some fruit.

Workhorse Coffee Blend: Our Workhorse coffee blend is a light/medium roast coffee blend suitable both for espresso and filter coffee. As an espresso you can expect bright, juicy flavours with a chocolate body. This coffee blend is also great as a more traditional filter coffee or brewed in a cafetiere. 



What is a Coffee Blend?

There are many myths surrounding what a ‘coffee blend’ is and it is often commonly misunderstood. A coffee blend is coffee that is made up of a variety of coffee beans originating from more than one place. It is important to understand when we say ‘place’ we don’t necessarily mean place as in country (although this can be one example) but it can also be different regions or varying altitudes on the same producing farm. As you have probably guessed - the term ‘coffee blend’ is all encompassing.

At Horsham Coffee Roasters, we want to bring you new and vibrant flavours whilst still providing the classic espresso kick. Both of our Coffee Blends are sourced from places that we have had personal relationships with for a number of years. It is imperative to us that we deliver quality over quantity supporting local or sustainable farming methods where we can.

Coffee Blends at Horsham Coffee Roasters

At Horsham Coffee Roasters, we currently have a choice of two coffee blends. Our first is a light roast espresso the ‘Workhorse’ with tasting notes of chocolate, nuts and subtle orange tones. The second is our Nova - a more traditional Italian style espresso blend, featuring rich nutty, dark chocolate and sweet caramel tones. We are constantly on the lookout to bring our customers new and rich flavours.