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The best burr coffee grinder? Why owning one is essential

The best burr coffee grinders and why you should own one

Making great coffee at home has become much easier over the last few years due to the rise in direct trade speciality coffee and access to freshly roasted beans. Our coffees are generally all available pre-ground but we also recommend you grind your coffee fresh using a burr coffee grinder. There are some very simple reasons for this:

Coffee Freshness

Coffee goes stale fairly quickly. Perhaps not quite as quickly in whole bean form as a slice of fresh bread but it doesn’t have the shelf life that many people have been lead to believe. Ideally coffee beans should be used within 1 month of roasting and should always be stored in a sealed container in a cool, dark place.

Ground coffee on the other hand goes stale within a much shorter time frame due to exposure to oxygen. Pre-ground coffee properly stored can still taste good but it becomes very difficult to extract the subtle flavours that are present in high quality, speciality grade coffee. Once the bag is open and exposed to the air pre-ground coffee will stale much faster than a bag of beans due to oxidisation of the increased surface area. When beans are exposed to the atmosphere the oxidisation process is greatly slowed down as there is less surface area in contact with oxygen. Grinding fresh using the best burr coffee grinder within your budget will help to make sure your coffee is fresh.


Coffee should always be ground for the intended brew method. A cafetiere needs a course ground coffee while an espresso machine needs a fine ground coffee. If the coffee you buy is pre-ground for a certain brew method it becomes difficult (sometimes impossible) to interchange those. If you try to use coffee ground for cafetiere in an espresso machine the results will be very thin and watery with little or no body or flavour. By owning the best burr coffee grinder you can afford will help you to find the best grind settings for their intended brew methods.

What is a burr coffee grinder

If you aren't sure what a burr coffee grinder is then the next section will help you out! Many people grinder their coffee using a spinning blade type grinder. Unfortuantely these smash the coffee beans into various different sized particles and this can make for a very poor extraction. The best burr coffee grinders will feature a robust motor attached to either two flat burrs or a conical burr design that will allow for very uniform particle size.

Baratza Encore Burr Coffee Grinder

The best affordable burr coffee grinder from Baratza

We sell a range of burr coffee grinders on our website. These include affordable and premium hand grinders as well as several electric models including the Baratza Encore and the Wilfa Svart. These are made by Baratza and are excellent burr grinders for home use. If you'd like to read about a more diverse range of grinders then you can also check out interesting coffee articles on Daily Espresso. They have a range of reviews that include a long list of coffee grinders. 

All models allow the user to experiment with different grind settings to suit their brew methods. If you haven’t yet invested in the best burr coffee grinder you can afford we can promise you that it will significantly improve the quality of the coffee that you are able to make at home!

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Taste unbelievable

Will definitely by this coffee again
Love the after taste of this coffee

Now getting the best out of this fine blend

Having had this coffee a few times before and really liked it using a modded cheap burr grinder, it really comes into its own now that a more professional grinder as more flovours have been unmasked, great work by Horsham coffee roasters

Beautiful Coffee

The coffee is delicious and there’s great variety. Since finding Horsham Roasters I haven’t used anywhere else.

One of the best yet

A brilliant filter coffee, juicy and packed full of flavour.

At last, I’ve found the best!

Having recently moved to the UK, I was struggling to find a decent bean for my Rocket Espresso at home. I find most beans are roasted too dark for my liking.

I was so excited though when I tasted the Workhorse bean at a local coffee shop, that I immediately ordered for my home use. At last, a quality espresso at home.

Thank you Horsham!